4.7 Checklist of general ingest procedure steps

Ingest process
Graphical illustration of ingest process

Preparation of data & documentation material

  • Transfer archive material into working area (correct drive)
  • Create folders according to OAIS model (SIP; AIP, DIP)
  • Are all mandatory fields filled in correctly?
  • Are topics and keywords chosen from the respective thesauri and vocabularies
  • Pseudonymisation/Anonymisation checks
  • Data cleaning (variables and values labelled, missing values)
  • Plausibility checks
  • Check if data and documentation material complete and match
  • Include suggested citation and information (DOI, version) in data and documentation material
  • Send feedback to depositor
  • Transfer the data and documentation material into preferred formats of scientific community and long-term archive formats
  • Make clear all undertaken steps are traceable and documented
  • Publish archive material in chosen platform (e.g., Dataverse)
  • Clean up all folders and move to repository